From Self to Service

The dates for this year's retreat are 

Thursday, 9/28/2023 thru Sunday, 10/1/2023

Costs for the 2023 Finding Fellowship Retreat

$400 shared cabin & $320 bunk bed 

We care about the health and well-being of our community, it is our clear and stated policy that every attendee of the 2023 Finding Fellowship Retreat be fully vaccinated against COVID*.  It is our sincere belief that everyone deserves to be in a setting in which the risk of COVID has been mitigated as much as possible. We know you understand.

We are all looking forward to an amazing retreat this year.  We hope that you’ll join us!


Gavin J., Chair

2023 Finding Fellowship Retreat

* If you believe you merit an accommodation to this requirement, please reach out to this year’s chair at 

 St Dorothy's Rest in Sonoma County 

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Registration for the 2023 Finding Fellowship retreat will opening Noon on Sunday June 18th.

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We accept many types of donations in various forms please follow the link to learn more.  

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Scholarships, which cover part of the cost of the retreat, are available for fellows in need.  Please do not let finances be a barrier to your participation.

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